Quality Control

2023-05-19 23:42:25

Quality Testing and Authentication

There are many types of quality inspection of electronic components, including visual inspection, quantity inspection, packaging/label inspection etc.

Example: Texas Instruments CSD17578Q3AReel packaging, below, we will introduce each of them in detail.

Step 1: Check the basic information of this component to see if the product is in the original packaging, take a photo of the label and upload it to our system.

Step 2: Use a barcode gun to scan the QR code on the package, check whether the QR code is consistent with the information on the actual label, and compare it with the samples of our 10-year label database to see if there are fonts, seals, Differences in flags, formats, etc.

Step 3: Counting the Quantity of Products

Step 4: Measure the actual size to see if it matches the specification

Step 5: Sampling and chemical wiping to test whether the surface printing will fall off, and then check with the specification to check whether the silk screen printing information, package and pin number match this part.

Then check whether the pins are refurbished, oxidized or deformed; and whether the side surface is coated.




Minor Discolored

Different D/C or LOT must save the picture, and indicate the respective quantity.

In addition, we can also provide Pin Correlation Test, Programming test, Solder ability Analysis, X-ray, ROHS test, Functional Testing,Baking etc., and issue a report.


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