Obsolete and Hard-to-Find Electronics Solutions

2023-05-19 23:21:57

What are hard to find and obsolete components?

Obsolete electronic components are parts that are no longer manufactured or sold by the original manufacturer and can only be found from obsolete electronic component distributors. This could be due to a number of reasons, including changes in technology, changes in the manufacturing process, or simply a lack of demand.

Why are obsolete electronic components still needed?

Although newer components may be available, obsolete component suppliers are still required for various reasons. For example, if a piece of equipment is still functioning but a component needs to be replaced, it can be found from IC distributor. Additionally, some older equipment is manufactured with obsolete components, and replacement parts require electronic component testing services to keep the equipment functioning properly.

So how do you find obsolete electronic components?

ICHOME Technology has a professional procurement team looking for obsolete electronic components. We have been purchasing obsolete electronic components that we think are valuable from the opening market for a long time. We have persisted in this matter for 10 years, and have passed strict inspections and entered our inventory to serve customers at any time. 

Recommends Alternatives Electronic Components when price or availability is unacceptable. If customers need it, we can continue to search for alternative electronic components around the world.

"For example, in March 2023, our customer was looking for TRV 2- 2411M, but all of distributors were out of stock, but our purchase manager is very familiar with this part. After communicating with the customer, we customized a small batch of samples from our cooperative electronics manufacturer and sent it free of charge to customers.

At the beginning, the customer was always reluctant, and repeatedly emphasized not to use China Copy, but after we sent the customer a free sample, the customer expressed his willingness to accept it. After receiving the goods, he quickly gave us feedback that it can be used without any problems. The key issue, the price is reduced a lot."


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