After-sales Service

2023-05-19 23:43:35

Provide after-sales support in order to increase revenue and achieve customer satisfaction.

Under normal circumstances, the products we sell have a shelf life of 365 days. If there is any special issue, we will generally inform you before delivery.

About Returns

Description of the problem: After the customer receives the goods, after QC inspection, the product is found to be abnormal, and informs our salesman (confirm DPPM, whether it is on the machine, what is the cause of the defect)

Analysis: Our sales team will immediately understand the abnormal products, hold meetings with purchasing and technical teams, collect order details and pictures, and then negotiate with customers

Find out the reason: Feedback the problem, analyze it with tools, and feed it back to the supplier, confirm with the original factory feedback, and find out the reason

Solution: Sales will continue to follow up on customer feedback, discuss how to solve the problem, and check the implementation effect. 


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