RTC is a dedicated IC that generates and outputs digital data such as time, year, month, day, etc. from a clock source, or a functional block or software software that realizes that function.

A basic RTC consists of a crystal oscillator as a clock source, its oscillation circuit, and a date/time counter circuit.
When a voltage is applied to the crystal, a "piezoelectric phenomenon" occurs and a small amount of power is generated. By amplifying this power and returning it to the crystal, a signal of constant frequency is obtained. The oscillating signal from the crystal oscillator is used as a clock source for the date and time counter circuit to generate date and time data. Crystals have the highest stability of oscillation frequency among materials that produce piezoelectric phenomena, so highly accurate time data can be generated.

This technology is used not only for displaying time, but also for timing adjustments in the pachinko and game industries.

Common Brands:

Integrated Device Technology (IDT)

Renesas Electronics America

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (NXP Semiconductors)

Maxim Integrated

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