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Typical applications include X-ray counting ICs for computed tomography, hearing aids (digital ICs with µC, DSP and audio engine; mixed-signal ICs with support functions such as ADC, DAC, microphone IF, power supply, etc.), continuous temperature measurement with NFC readout (for patient monitoring, pregnancy control, transportation of medical items, etc.), and blood analysis such as glucose, coagulation, etc.

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Who Are the Key Players in Semiconductor in Healthcare Market?

Texas Instruments Incorporated

Recommended Parts:AFE4960 TX7516 AFE58JD48

ON Semiconductor

Recommended Parts: LE25S161

Analog Devices Inc., Maxim Integrated

Recommended Parts:ADA4177 ADP5350 ADAS1000 ADXL335

STMicroelectronics are the major company operating in the semiconductor in healthcare market. 

Recommended Parts:TCPP01-M12 M24256-BF M24256-BR M24512-W 

In the Future

Currently, the main uses of electronic medical devices are in research, collecting public health data, maintaining and accessing patient records, and patient care. But the use of semiconductors in these devices is expanding as devices move toward monitoring, diagnosis, or treatment through surgery or other treatments, such as drug delivery and nerve stimulation in neurotechnology. Monitoring systems also include implantable clinical devices used in patients' homes to transmit data back to doctors, or to obtain monitoring services about vital signs systems from sensors on the patient's body.


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