How to transport your electronic components safely

2023-08-31 17:52:30

After the electronic components have passed ICHOME's quality inspection, the electronic components need to be properly packaged for transportation and storage to prevent product damage and loss.

More than Minimum pack quantity, electronic components are generally packaged according to the original manufacturer's packaging. 

Less than Minimum pack quantity, there are generally the following five electronic component packaging forms: Tape, Tube, Tray, Bulk and AMMO.

1. Tape/Reel Packaging

Taping is the process of packaging electronic components into individual pockets of carrier tape. The units are sealed with heat or pressure cover tape. Carrier tape is wound on industry standard reels for loading onto component placement equipment. Generally, chip resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, crystal oscillators, small ICs, etc. can be packaged in Tape and Reel.

2. Tube Packaging

Tube packaging is mainly used for the packaging of rectangular chip resistors, capacitors, and some special-shaped and small devices, and is mainly used for occasions where there are many varieties of SMT electronic components and small batches. When packaging, arrange the components in the same direction and put them into plastic tubes one at a time.

3. Tray Packaging

Tray packaging is to use a rectangular partition to divide the tray into equal parts according to the specified cavity, and then put the components into the tray one by one, generally 50 per tray, and cover it with a protective film after installation. There are single-layer, three-layer, ten-layer, twelve-layer and twenty-four-layer automatic feeding tray feeders for vacuum forming trays.

4. Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging means that the SMD components are freely packaged in a formed plastic box or bag. When mounting, insert the plastic box into the material rack, and use a feeder or a feeding tube to feed the components one by one into the material port of the SMT machine. one. This packaging method is low in cost and small in size, but its scope of application is small, and it is mostly used in cylindrical resistors.

5. AMMO Packing

AMMO packaging is a continuous tape cut in predetermined quantities. However, cut strips are placed in their own manufacturer's box for safekeeping.

Why Choose Vacuum Sealing for Electronic Components?

Vacuum-sealed electronics offer a variety of benefits, such as protection from water, dust, moisture, oxidation, corrosion, and even UV or radio frequency contamination.

There are several reasons to choose vacuum packaging for electronic components.
1. ESD Protection - Choose a vacuum sealer manufactured with antistatic materials so that ESD sensitive components, assemblies and PCBs can be vacuum packed in a static safe environment.
2. Product Integrity - Vacuum sealed to prevent dust, damage, UV and RF pollution, electrostatic discharge, moisture oxidation and corrosion.
3. Moisture proof - vacuum sealed to prevent condensation during storage and any accidental spills during handling.
4. Cushioning Options - You can control the suction speed and final vacuum strength to well below 100%, which can damage implanted components. You might also consider injecting air to give it cushioning.

How to package electronic components?

1. Choose the right box for your electronic components

Size matters because when the box is too large, the product inside can move around and end up damaged, while when the box is too small, the electronics can sit on the sides of the box and end up crushed.

2. Use protective electronic component packaging

A thick layer of anti-static bubble wrap is one of the safest options, making sure all edges are covered to prevent the box from chipping or puncturing.

3. Securely seal your electronics packaging

Use packing tape to seal all seams and even all sides of the box, the corners of cardboard boxes are the most fragile, so to ensure they arrive undamaged, use multiple layers of tape on the corners.

4. Paste the electronic product label

Add labels such as "fragile" and "handle with care" to packages to ensure couriers know what to do with them. Place the labels in a plastic bag to keep them from peeling off in harsh weather conditions.

Now you should have a better understanding of what we do before shipping. 

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