Establishment of the Innovation and Application Center for PD Fast Charging and Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

2024-01-30 16:19:14

Infineon Technologies AG and Anker Innovations, a global leader in charging technology, have jointly established an Innovation Application Center in Shenzhen. When fully operational, the Innovation and Application Center will pave the way for the development of energy-efficient charging solutions that reduce CO2 emissions, thus contributing to decarbonization.

With the increasing number of mobile devices, laptops and battery-powered devices, there is a growing consumer demand for higher charging power and speed. Planning for the Anchor Infineon Innovation and Application Center initially began in 2021. After two years of careful preparation, the Innovation and Application Center has been established and has grown into a research and development center that brings together a wide range of industry experts. With the help of the Innovation and Application Center, industry experts will conduct in-depth development based on Infineon's new-generation Hybrid Flyback (HFB) controller product family and the CoolGaN IPS product family for fast chargers over 100 W, providing the market with PD fast charging solutions with higher power density and high energy efficiency.

In fact, Anker has already exported several successful cases to the market, for example, in 2022, Anker has launched a 100 W+ fast charger product, which utilizes CoolGaN technology and is leading the industry. Using the joint platform of the Innovation and Application Center, Anker and Infineon will further shorten the development cycle of application-side products, thus accelerating the time to market.

Mr. Christian Burrer, Vice President Application Marketing, Power & Sensing Systems Business Unit, Infineon Technologies, said: "Anker is a very important customer for Infineon. We already have a deep cooperation in the charging area with products and system level solutions across several Infineon product lines. In the field of PD charging, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio and support, including advanced power controllers, best-in-class switching power supplies, high-performance silicon-based MOSFETs and gallium nitride transistors, and more."

The charging solution is just the beginning, and in the future the joint lab will leverage Infineon's expertise and technical know-how in wide-bandwidth materials such as gallium nitride to explore a wider and more diverse range of consumer application scenarios. It is also worth mentioning that Infineon successfully acquired GaN Systems in 2023, a move that will significantly advance Infineon's GaN technology roadmap and allow Infineon to own all major power semiconductor technologies at the same time, further strengthening Infineon's leadership in power systems.

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